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  Computer Clarity, LLC, started in Colorado Springs back in 1999 as a "break and fix" computer repair company and a computer radio talk show on AM 740 KVOR.

Our clients and our audience were well informed on the reoccurring malicious attacks and the latest safeguarding procedures, virus updates and common computer repair solutions. We were able to teach and support others through “live” Q & A on a weekly basis.

Since 1999, while continuously adding to the base of over six thousand computer repairs, a unique insight emerged. All the computer repairs stemmed from virus attacks and lack of maintenance. These issues cost our clients and our audience substantial money and time.

As technology developed, Computer Clarity blended it’s expertise with an internet based application that allowed us to remotely repair computers without having our client remove their computer from operation. We were able to prevent unnecessary computer repairs through proactive maintenance. This technology took it to another level by allowing us to monitor hardware warning signals that could cause a total operating system crash. In essence, this technology allows us to prevent computer problems and allows our clients to save a lot of money.

In this economy, every penny counts.

After careful consideration and client participation, Computer Clarity devised a unique Computer Service Warranty. Our Warranty eliminates the typical “break and fix” computer repair model by preventing future problems thus saving our clients time and money.

It is our mission to continue to help others enjoy their computers.

How We Secure and Protect Your Operating System

Computer Clarity Security
Computer Clarity’s Enterprise Class Security allows companies to securely take charge of their infrastructure and transparently and remotely manage servers, computer desktops, mobile devices (laptops, notebooks and hand-held), home-based computer desktops and embedded systems all from a central management console. The solution is ideal for growing and distributed businesses around the globe that want to streamline systems management and automate IT operations.

The Clarity Agent
The Clarity architecture is central to providing maximum security. Each managed system has a light-weight agent installed on the computer, laptop or server that initiates all communications back to our server. Since the agent will not accept any inbound connections, it is impossible for a third-party application to attack the agent from the network.

Computer Clarity does not need any input ports opened on client machines, this lets the agent do its job in any network configuration without introducing susceptibility to inbound port probes or new network attacks.

Computer Clarity protects against man-in-the-middle attacks by encrypting all communications between the agent and our server with 256-bit RC4 using a key that rolls every time the server tasks the agent (typically at least once per day). Since there are no plain-text data packets passing over the network, there is nothing available for an attacker to exploit.

Secure Access
Administrators access the Clarity server through a Web interface after a secure logon process, the system never sends passwords over the network and never stores them in the database. Only each administrator knows his or her password. The client side combines the password with a random session, and hashes it with SHA-1. The server side tests this result to grant access or not. This unique random challenge protects against a man-in-the-middle attack sniffing the network, capturing the random bits and using them later to access the Clarity Server

Web Access
The Web site itself is protected by Computer Clarity’s patch management features. The Clarity patch scan is run on the Computer Clarity server every day. As soon as new patches are released, Computer Clarity automatically detects new patches and applies them automatically. Finally, for maximum Web security, the Computer Clarity servers Web pages fully support operating as an SSL web site.

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